I Wish I Wish

By Stephanie

Dear Diary,

I donít know who to talk to, so I guess Iíll write to you. Tomorrow is the day I am supposed to be adopted, and my mom, (I guess sheís my mom) keeps telling me that adoption is forever. I've been so many places I donít even know what forever is. She says she loves me, but thatís what they said before. I know Iím bad, because nobody wanted to keep me for a very long. Do you think I should hurry quick and see how bad I can be before Iím adopted; in case itís a mistake? Or, maybe I should run away so I wonít be sad again if it doesnít really work. I want them to want me, but I know itís too late, or it would have worked a long time ago. Thereís nobody to talk to/nobody understands. I wish I were dead. I wish I werenít thirteen. I wish I were normal. I donít know what to do, but I canít be nice and pretend all this stuff is OK and I believe it, cause that would be lying and Iím not a liar like they said in the other house. Well, Diary, I guess Iíll write more tomorrow

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