Happy Motherís Day to My Two Moms

By Min Ji 

I have two moms. One of my moms is my birthmom. My birthmom does not live with me because I am adopted. Sometimes I think my birthmom has other children and kept them, but not me. That make me feel angry. I wish I knew my birthmom or at least had a picture of her. I hope she looks like me. I bet sheís nice. Maybe she likes to dance because I do. I think she would be good mother if she could take care of me. Sometimes I talk to her in my dreams. I ask her why she didnít keep me. I dream that I have a magic carpet and can go to see her. When I get there (in my dreams) she is very nice and knows who I am when she sees I have one hand. She and I always cry when I have to go but I tell her she can borrow my rug and come to see me.

My other mom is my adoptive mom. She takes good care of me. My mom always helps me when Iím angry at my birthmom. She talks to me about what I can do. She says she wishes she knew my birthmom too. She says if I had a picture of my birthmom sheíd buy a special frame so I could hang it in my new room where I could see it a lot.

On Motherís Day I give my mom some presents and I always think of my birthmother. I wish I could give her a present of coming here to see me and my family. I think we could all be friends.

  personal experiences : child's perspective
  emotions and development : grief and loss