Thanksgiving 1991

by Nancy Ng

Thank you for this meal and this family gathered together
Let us remember those hungry for food and human connection

Thank you for traditions glowing in memory
Let us remember those whose only constant is uncertainty

Thank you for a place to rest at day’s end
Let us remember those weary of homelessness

Thank you for our children alive with the future
Let us remember those who were unable to parent them

Thank you for the opportunity to watch kids too old and hard
grow young and soft and free
Let us remember those still trapped by adult need

Thank you for our friends who share both tear and laughter
Let us remember those who cry alone

Thank you for the wonder of adoption – making family from strangers
Let us remember those isolated by their fear

Thank you for FAIR, a fellowship of shared caring
Let us remember those who think they are the only ones

Thank you for this house crowded with noise and the confusion of growing children
Let us remember those encased in the quiet of painful wait

Thank you for the kids whose brains forbid quiet
And for those who dance immobile

Thank you for the child whose trust awes our souls
And for the one who leaves us humbly challenged

Thank you for this adventure of welcoming
Let us remember the children who are waiting still
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