Prejudices That I Do Not Like

By Timothy

Please look at the card you have (Kim, Min-Woo). This is my Korean name and I am going to tell you about two prejudices that I do not like.

First, my Korean name is Kim, Min-Woo. I do not like it when people make fun of my Korean name and call me a girl. In Korea, Japan, and China, the name before the comma is a personís last name.

My Korean last name is Kim. My first name in Korea is Min, and my middle name is Woo. It is not nice to make fun of people because they have a different name.

The second prejudice that I do not like is the names that people sometimes call me. I was born in Korea, but now I live in Cincinnati. I was born a Korean citizen, but now I am an American citizen, too.

I am not Japanese.

I do not have a flat face.

I do not have stupid eyes.


I do not have slant eyes.

I am not Chinese.

I do not have Chinese eyes.

I am not a chink.

I am not a black boy.

I am an American, just like you, and I want to be called an American; and I want to be called Timothy.

(Timothy wrote this speech for the North Avondale Monessori Oratory Festival. He was asked to read it for the entire school.)

Reprinted from Adoptive Families of Greater Cincinnati, Newsletter, February 1993
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