Dear Prospective Parents


Dear Prospective Parents,

There are waiting children without loving families. They are waiting in foster homes, group homes and orphanages. It has to be hard not having a family. These kids are not part of a family and miss out on brothers and sisters and family holiday activities. They need to love and to be loved.

I know because I was in an orphanage. I got teased and called names. They spanked me upside down and were mean to me. I got adopted but it was no good. They hurt me and burned me when I was four years old because those first parents did not know how to take care of kids. It was scary when I moved from one foster home to another. They took my clothes and my toys because they said I was acting badly.

Then I got a social worker who found me a loving family who will not hurt me. I love my family.

So when you look at these kidsí faces, remember my story and think about adopting.


Age 14

Keywords :
  personal experiences : child's perspective
  preparing for adoption : child's perspective