My Family

By Eric

We’re all different in our family. Our skin is different colors. Our hair is different. Our feet are different (some are skinny and some are wide and some are in-between). Some people know math good and some people don’t. Our eyes are different – mine are skinny, mom’s are wide. We’re all from different countries, so we look different and we have different holidays. I like being in a family where we’re all different because we have more celebrations. On my arrival day I have candles and the lights go out and the candles are all lit and I have lots of fun. My mom buys me Korean stuff. My sister is from India and sometimes people ask me why my sister is black. I just say she’s from India. We all like each other in our family. We all like to play games and watch Star Trek. I like playing soccer and Vanita likes coloring and Mom likes playing games and Dad likes playing games, too. Our family is special because we’re all different.

Keywords :
  cultures : child's perspective