Can You Parent a Child With a Disability?

6th grader

I think parents should adopt disabled children so that they can have parents and a family to live with. Kids who use wheelchairs need the same things that other children need: love, care, peace, food, drinks sleep, exercise, education, and a place to be where they will be safe. They need the chance to grow up in peace.

If you are thinking about adopting a child with a disability you should know that kids using wheelchairs need to be able to get along with everyone else so they should be treated just like everyone else. They should not get any extra little privileges (even though I enjoy them sometimes!). Disable kids should never be left out of whatever everyone else is doing. They should never have to feel like nobody wants them. Parents should teach their kids not to let anyone make fun of them because they canít do something. Kids could say: "I donít like that" or "Thatís not funny to me."

Disabled kids need to grow up in families. Itís not fair for any children to have to live in orphanages or institutions or hospitals. So if you are thinking about adopting, remember the children who ride around in wheelchairs.

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