Sinbad: Quality Television or Just Another Comedy?

By Keith

Sinbad, starring Sinbad, is about a single man in his thirties who takes two children into foster care to keep them from being separated. The children are brother and sister. The boy age 9, and the girl age 4. Each different episode deals with Sinbadís incompetence in raising children and how he handles things. The show is a comedy and mainly sticks to that idea. At the end of each episode there is a little sentimental piece on the new family coping with each other and the fact that they are going to be together for quite a while. Some episodes are mostly serious in dealing with things like the children finding friends. But they still cannot leave out the comedy.

I feel that this is a good show but nothing Iíd seriously take an obsession to. This program does, somewhat, show realistically how children in foster care might feel, but itís nothing to watch for consolation. Sinbad isnít really a show kids new to foster care would identify with. Unless youíve seen the first episode, itís more like another sit-com to the idle viewer.

Keywords :
  personal experiences : child's perspective