Talking About Adoption

by Min Ji, Age 13

Talking about adoption can be very difficult. When I am with other adopted kids it usually is not. I have a best friend who is also adopted. As much as we talk about cloths, boys, school, shopping, etc., we also often talk about being adopted. We talk about what it would be like to know our birthparents and how funny it is that most people want to search for their birthmother rather than their birthfather. Heather and I are always joking around. Sometimes sheíll come up to me and say, "Uh Min Ji do know your real mom?" "Well gee, I donít, do you?" Iíll answer. Usually we would be appalled at peoples ignorance and insensitivity. But when talking with Heather it is different. She understands that I have to when people refer to my birth parents as real parents.

A couple of years ago my parents, my brother and I enrolled in an adoption group. In this group there were kids who were ten to thirteen years old. We talked with our teachers who were therapists and parents about various adoption issues. We made booklets, told our adoption stories and shared the clothes we wore when we first came.

In our booklets we drew pictures of our feelings and of our families. There were also activities for us to do. During this group there were times when I felt embarrassed and felt like crying. This helped me realize that it is ok to feel sad and there are also sad parts of adoption.

It was fun listening to other kids stories because even though they were different we could easily relate to them.

I enjoyed this adoption group and would recommend it to other adopted persons. I liked being around other adopted kids because it made talking about adoption easier.

Keywords :
  personal experiences : child's perspective
  talking about adoption : children