The Value of Adoption

The ideal community recognizes that every child deserves a loving home, but the fact of the matter is that people do not realize that there are thousands of children with out a home. One person can not picture it, but it is reality. Some people in the community do something to make change, but some wish it would go away and do nothing about it.

My personal feelings about adoption is that it is a privilege to be adopted. I am the first one out of eight that has the privilege to be adopted in the family. There are some families who adopt bur not enough. There are still many kids without homes.

A child who does not have a family may fantasize about a family with a mother and a father to call their own, siblings to share good times and bad, and plenty of food to eat and a loving environment. A child would dream for the perfect family over and over until he/she had one. Only when one has more than enough love, can they extend it to someone who is not their own.

Even though every child fantasizes, there is reality. I was adopted at five and a half. I have had my ups and downs. Even though, I had parent to call my own. I was still a little trouble maker. I would break things, hide, steal and lie. My parents taught me to cherish my family, for it is all I have. To have a family is like a dream come true, even though I didnít show it. When I was bad my parents were there for me, they are still there for me to this very day as they have been for the past seventeen years. The only way I could have parents to do this is because they went out of their way to adopt a child who was not biologically theirs. At times I have felt that being adopted was bad because I was made fun of because I didnít look like my siblings or my parents. Being different in a crowd made me feel different. I wanted to be like everyone else. When kids asked me who my birth parents were, I felt uneasy and unsure about myself. Despite the negative feelings, overall I felt I was special. When people found out I was adopted they said "Oh really!" No matter who made fun of me, or whatever people said, I feel honored to be adopted. Knowing someone picked me out of many makes me feel special.

Even though being adopted has some negative aspects, it is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. I am thankful for my parents for the chance of life. I encourage anyone who is thinking about adopting to do so. Adoption not only affects the parents, it especially affects the child who is being adopted.

Keywords :
  personal experiences : child's perspective
  preparing for adoption : child's perspective