Dear Birthdad

Dear Birthdad,

I wish I could meet you someday. When I meet you I would ask, "Why arent you my real dad now? Why didnt you keep me?" Some people say I look like you. Id like to see for myself if you really look like me.

I wonder if youre alive right now. I miss you. If youre dead you will never get to read this letter but maybe I could put it by your grave.

I wonder if you ever went to a war if you died in a war I could put this letter by your name on the wall. Id feel sad and bad if you died without me ever seeing you. I wish you could come visit me. If you did Id introduce myself and my brothers and sisters and my mom and dad. Id tell you about my life. Id tell you I can read and write and spell real good. I love to eat especially chicken, cake, enchiladas, tomatoes and Big Macs. I learned how to do Capoiera and I sing in the choir.

I love you and I love my real dad, too.

Love, Andrew Onyinye Kenji Ng, age 8

Keywords :
  personal experiences : child's perspective
  birth family contacts : child's perspective