The Folks Who Couldn’t Come

On June 13 I gave a speech at my graduation from middle school. My speech told about some of my experiences at school including the fact that there were some ignorant kids who were cruel to me because of my disability. I was happy to be able to report that I got help to educate my classmates and stop the intolerable behavior.

When I looked out in the audience I saw my brothers and sisters, my parents, my grandmother and some family friends. Some very important people weren’t there to see me on that special occasion.

My birth father wasn’t there. I wish he could have been there so he could be educated, too. I don’t think he knows too much about Spinal Bifida because he got a very bad report from the doctors after I was born and then he decided not to take me home with them.

I wish my birth mother could have come to see how smart I am and that I was willing to get up to speak in front of a lot of people.

I wish my birth sister was there to hear me. If I’d seen her I would have asked if she had any memories about me. I’d check to see if she looked like me. I’d like to show her the red silk graduation dress my aunt made.

I would have liked it if the doctor who told my birthparents that I probably wouldn’t live could have been at graduation. I’d find a way to show him that I’m very much alive.

I wish my foster parents could have come because they were a big part of my life. I bet they’d be proud of me.

Even though these folks weren’t at my graduation personally they were there in my heart and my mind.

Keywords :
  personal experiences : child's perspective