From Foster Parent to Adoptive Parent:
A Strengths and Needs Worksheet

By Heather L. Craig-Oldsen, M.S.W.

This worksheet is designed to be completed by foster parents who are considering adopting a child who has been living with them through a foster care program. If there are two parents, it is helpful for both to complete the worksheet separately and then compare the strengths and needs. Designed as a self-assessment tool, the worksheet should provide some ideas to be discussed with the agency social worker for next steps in the decision making process toward a foster parent adoption. Needs will indicate tasks to be accomplished. Please note that this worksheet touches only a few of the critical issues important to foster parents who are considering adoption.

Foster Parent Adoption Task Strengths:

(What I have done to accomplish this task.)


(What I still need to do.)

This worksheet is adapted with permission from material published in From Foster Parent to Adoptive Parent, developed by Heather L. Craig-Oldsen, M.S.W., and published by the Child Welfare Institute, 1365 Peachtree Street, N.E., Suite 700, Atlanta, GA 3039, 1988.
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