Adoption Days

By Anthony 

A is for angels in the sky.

D is for dinner that we like to eat together.

O is for Oma that loves me very much!

P is for picture of our family.

T is for mommy or daddy tickling me.

I is for invitation for an adoption party.

O is for own, this is my own family.

N is for nice, our family is nice.

D is for happy days, I like happy days.

A is for always, we will always be together.

Y is for you’ll, you’ll be mine forever.

S is for safe, my mommy keeps me safe.


My Adoption Poem

By Jordan 

Adoption is a very good thing,

There is a child that God will bring.

You will give them lots of love

Like the child is a cute little dove.

When you see your child you will feel like you

Have been shot by cupid,

And I am not playing stupid.

You will face it

and not want to erase it.

You will like to meet them and you will think they are more precious than a gem.

That is what adoption means to me

Because I love my family.

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