My Respect

By Julia 

You walk beside me,

We breathe the same air,

Yet, we are different, but I respect that.

Your eyes are green, my eyes are brown

Your hair is blonde, my hair is brown.

We are very different you see, but I respect you.

You were born here, I was not

You have two parents, I do not,

Your family is small, my family is big, but still,

I respect you.

Yesterday, you turned to me.

You said, how come you respect me?

We are different in every way.

We do not look alike,

We do not like the same music,

We do not like the same sport, but yet, you still

respect me.


Everyone, I said, is different.

There will never be another me,

There will never be another you,

If you donít respect anybody, then what will

You get back?

You smile,

Your smile is like mine.

For once there is one thing the same.

So we walk hand in hand.

And, like we should, we respect each other.

  personal experiences : young adult