Mysterious Vickie

By Vania 

I have never met my birthsister Vickie, although I have seen a picture of her. Whenever I think about her, I always feel curious about who she is and what she is like. Some day I would like to meet her in person. Does Vickie even know that I even exist after the information that the doctors told my birthparents? I am sure that if I would like to meet her, she would like to meet me too. I am really interested in finding out who she is, and proving to her that I am alive and doing well. I wonder if Vickie ever wonders about me as much as I wonder about her. I would be interested in finding out who she is, what she is like, and where she is living. Does she have a job? Did she ever go to any college? Does she even know where I live now from the time I was a baby?


How are you?

I am glad to have you

I am curious about who you really are

And where Where? Where have you been?


Where do you live?

Did you ever have a job?

Do you know where our birthparents are?

And who? Who? Who do I look like?


Do you know?

Can you believe Im still alive?

Did birthmom tell you that I died?

Any why? Why? Why did you never ask?


Who are you?

A mystery sibling

Would you like a real sister?

And how? How? How can we ever meet?

Vania, who is a junior in high school, was born with a serious form of Spina Bifida. She never went home from the hospital with her birth family but thinks often about a sister who is three years older than she.

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