Formatting Conventions for News From FAIR Articles

by Bill Fitler

The article's title should be upper / lower case (avoid capital letters.)  Use the "Heading 2" format, center justified.  Article titles (in Page Properties dialog) should contain the entire title.

An author (if the article includes one) should be center justified and italicized on the next line.  Question: when should last names be used?

Normal text paragraphs should follow. 

Use formatting (such as bold, italics, underlining, and indenting) as needed.

Section headers should be upper/lower case, using the "Header 3" format, left justified.

Filenames should comprise the year that the article first appeared, followed by the first few words of the title, with uppercase for the first letter of each word and no spaces (or anything else) separating the words. At the end of the file, use file extension ".htm" (not ".html")  Question: should we limit the number of characters?  Question: does it make sense to include the NFF year in title?

Article attributions (e.g. "Reprinted from...") should be last, using the "Header 6" format, left justified.  Question: should we put editorial comments above the title?  e.g. Occupation- CHILD