On Adoption

Girl, age 16

Being adopted is pretty special. When youíre little you donít really understand how super it is to be adopted. You just know one think when youíre around 7 years old, and that is youíre different.

When youíre my age, 16 almost 17, you understand more about the original place you were born in and things lie that. I from personal experience know things like why my biological mother left me for adoption. Not the facts but I can just think of the possibilities.

My adoptive family is the best even though I really still care a lot about my biological mother. I know things like if I had stayed with my bio mother I probably would be living poorly. As much as I love her and I want to be with her I will never, ever in my whole entire life regret being adopted.

My adoptive family, especially my mother, has explained to me many time and told me that we could go to Korea and see where I lived. My mom told me from the beginning that she wouldnít keep any information from me. As much fun as I have now with my family Iíll always remember how caring my bio mother was.

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