One Word

A ten year old girl writes beautifully about her feelings.

As my mind wanders, my eyes follow the tall trees and the beautiful houses of Cape Cod. The wind blowing through the trees pushing the swing which I am on back and forth. I sit there with my eyes and ears open ready for anything! I say to myself what a calm day. If only everything was calm as today. My brother and cousin are playing basketball, laughing and enjoying themselves. Then my mind wanders again but this time itís about last year. I think of the sad, happy and heartbroken moments I felt last year. I feel like I learned so much about life itself. Itís so hard to imagine that there is more to learn. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of my birthmom. If anyone asks me if there is one word that brings so many emotions that word would be my birthmom. Oh the emotions I felt about her were so big. But I live every day knowing she wanted the best for me. I still canít help wondering if I will follow the footsteps of her or if I will see my birthmom ever again!

  personal experiences : child's perspective